In the Bible in Psalm 119:105, the verse reads “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path”. This is one of the more comforting verses in the Bible. This verse allows us to know that our guiding light is God and his word. Have you ever tried to walk in the woods or mountain at night? Trees, limbs, sticks, leaves, rocks and critters are all around you and you nave no light. You lose your sense of direction and before long you are lost and far away form the right patch. This is the nature of Life without scripture and without the guidance of God.
All around us are dangerous but unseen spiritual forces that are working to confuse us, trip us, trap us and harm us. God’s word will be the light that guides our steps and help us find our way back home. The Bible will guide us as we navigate though the journey of life. Spend time reading his word and allow the word to guide you to the Father and Home.